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Nebraska Power Review Board Statutes

70-1001 Declaration of policy.
70-1001.01 Terms, defined.
70-1002 Suppliers of electricity; agreements; specify service areas; submission to board; purpose of section.
70-1002.01 Suppliers of electricity; agreements; wholesale electric energy; submission to board; considerations; investigation; approval; effect.
70-1002.02 Suppliers of electricity; sale in violation of approved agreement; prohibited.
70-1002.03 New transmission facilities or interconnection; agreement by affected parties; disputes submitted to board; insure prudent utility practice; rate determination; effect.
70-1002.04 Municipalities; joint operation of electric systems; register with board; reports; action subject to review or approval.
70-1003 Nebraska Power Review Board; establishment; composition; appointment; term; vacancy; qualifications; compensation; jurisdiction; officers; executive director; staff; report.
70-1004 Suppliers of electricity; filing of maps and service area statements; exception.
70-1005 Suppliers of electricity; service area; application to establish; notice of hearing; exception.
70-1006 Hearings; continuance; rules of procedure.
70-1007 Establishment of service areas; board; orders; policy considerations.
70-1008 Certified service areas; established; municipalities; newly annexed areas; acquisition of facilities and customers; procedure; waiver of right to acquire; joint planning.
70-1009 Certified service areas; modification; application; transfer of facilities and customers; considerations; impairment of rights prohibited.
70-1010 Modification of service areas; application; procedure; suppliers agreements; exception; transfer of customers and facilities; price; how computed; impairment of obligations prohibited.
70-1011 Suppliers; service outside area; application for approval; when granted; applicability of section.
70-1012 Electric generation facilities and transmission lines; construction or acquisition; application; approval; when not required.
70-1012.01 Suppliers; electric generation and transmission facilities; terminate construction or acquisition; filing; reasons; hearing; effect; section, how construed.
70-1012.02 Repealed. Laws 1984, LB 729, s. 2.
70-1013 Electric generation facilities and transmission lines; application; hearing; waiver; appearances; objections; amendments.
70-1014 Electric generation facilities and transmission lines; approval or denial of application; findings required.
70-1014.01 Special generation application; approval; findings required.
Privately developed renewable energy generation facility; owner; duties; certification; decommissioning plan; bond; joint transmission development agreement; contents; property not subject to eminent domain.
70-1015 Suppliers; electric generation facilities and transmission lines; unauthorized construction, acquisition, or service; injunction.
70-1016 Appeals; procedure.
70-1017 Suppliers; duty to furnish service; disputes submitted to board.
70-1018 Suppliers; disputes over rates; submission to board; hearing; recommendations.
70-1019 Board; proceedings; compel attendance of witnesses and production of documents; contempt proceedings authorized.
70-1020 Board; expenses; assessments levied against suppliers; apportionment; collection; interest; Nebraska Power Review Fund; created; investment.
70-1021 Microwave communication facilities; authorization; procedure; protest; hearing; when.
70-1022 Microwave facilities or system; authorization; when not required.
70-1023 Transferred to section 70-1001.01.
70-1024 Power supply plan; board; powers and duties; special assessment.
70-1025 Power supply plan; contents; filing; annual report.
70-1026 Power supply plan; research and conservation report; contents.
70-1027 Power supply plan; research and conservation report; board; include data in biennial report; hearing.
 70-1028        Electric transmission line approved for construction in regional transmission organization transmission plan; notice to Nebraska Power Review Board; failure to provide notice; effect.

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